This is something I discovered when I changed the  theme (picture) at the top of the iGoogle page. I was wanting to add stuff to my page and thought that the button had disappeared, however I think it was that  the background was so pale it didn’t show up.It reappeared when I changed the background to a darker one.


2 Responses to “iGoogle”

  1. thereflibrary Says:

    What do you think to igoogle Pam? Do you find it useful to have things in one place? Do you find yourself using the widgets you have added?

    • pamelagaunt Says:

      Yes I like igoogle and find it useful having google reader on so I can see new posts. Just cocked it up by adding BBC news to the reader and then decided I didn’t want it on, it took ages to to find out how to delete it , but manage it in the end

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