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July 6, 2010

I’ve been having a go at putting a map on my website, have eventually managed it but the marker which is there originally doesn’t show on the site.


catch up

April 14, 2010

At last I’ve had some time to catch up on my 25 things I did before I went on holiday, still a long way behind I think but felt I needed a refresher. Think It’s going in (very slowly!) so am now ready to have a go at Facebook next time

New Zealand

March 8, 2010

Don’t you think I’ve done well managing to remember how to get on to my blog, well I do, even if you don’t!
I’m having a wonderful time, the weather has been lovely and we’ve been to the Bay of Islands, Cape Reinga at the far north of North island and to Auckland. Lovely to see Simon and Joanna again after all this time. Hope everyone well.
Bye for now
Love Pamela

Pimping my blog

February 18, 2010

Wish I knew what this means exactly.

letter L letter i planned b letter R letter A IMG_5573_2 letter Y


February 17, 2010

Thought you might be interested in this. It’s from my Inspirational Quote and Pictures which I put on my iGoogle.

“The man who does not read good
books has no advantage over the
man who cannot read them.”
– Mark Twain


February 16, 2010

Been having a go at Flickr this morning going to put a picture on, hopefully. Here’s  Kev monkeying around. (Please don’t kill me)


February 12, 2010

I have set up delicious account and put a few bookmarks and tags on this and tried to put the widget on my blog site however the link isn’t finding what it should so I will have to have a word with Amy. The link on thing 8 where it says click here doesn’t work so I have just put google bookmark straight onto igoogle. I managed to find another video on Youtube for social networking as the video on 25 things didn’t work


February 4, 2010

This is something I discovered when I changed the  theme (picture) at the top of the iGoogle page. I was wanting to add stuff to my page and thought that the button had disappeared, however I think it was that  the background was so pale it didn’t show up.It reappeared when I changed the background to a darker one.


February 2, 2010

Can anyone throw any light on this, I’ve just put followed the instructions for putting the RSS widget on my blog page but can’t see it down the side now, when I click on the widget it shows the RSS feed is there but I just wonder if I have clicked on the right URL


January 30, 2010

Just seeing if this box does what we think
it will